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Once you are inside you will find soothing atmosphere for the mind and body.
We offer unique European Facials and Body Treatments.
Luxury skin care products used by certified trained estheticians.





PRP Plasma Therapy  

PDO Thread Lift

Dermal Fillers



Eye Brows               
Full leg                     
Half leg                   
Full arm                   
Half arm                  
Eye brow tinting        
Eye lash tinting
Bikini wax line
Brazilian wax
Back wax
Full chest

Full stomach

Full Butt


Facials Treatments

European deep pore cleansing  facial  60min                             
European deep pore cleansing facial 90min 

Lifting facial massage 45min                             
Collagen facial  60min                                                            
Botinol  lifting Facial 60min                                                     
Glycolic  facial 60min                                                              
Chemical Peels  (Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic and Fruit Acid Peels)    
Microdermabrasion  30min                                                       
LED Facial 45min                                                                    
Galvanic Facial  45min                                                            
Ultrasonic facial 45min                                                           
Photon Facial  45min                                                               
Back Facial 45min                                                              
Back Peel                                                                              
Hydra facial 90min

Dermaplaning Facial

Microneedling Facial

Massage and Body Therapy
Aromatherapy Massage,  Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology Massage
30min,  60min, 90min
Body wraps  ( detoxifying, exfoliating)  60min

Natural Face lift Buccal Massage

Body Waxing
( Detoxifying, Exfoliating)
Hair styling
Skin treatments
Aromatherapy Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Reflexology Massage
Massage Therapy Sports
Anti-Cellulite Massage Professional Therapist
Natural Face Lift Buccal Massage

Manicure & Pedicure

Best Gel Manicure & Pedicure

Cucumber and Mint Spa Pedicure also available

Coconut Foot Treatment

Spa Pedicure         
Foot Massage
Dry Rubber Gel Manicure

Dry Pedicure

CryoCorrect Treatment  (non invasive dark spot corrector and skin tag removal) also available ask for price.

Natural Face Lift Buccal Massage
The skin-care professional providing the buccal massage will knead the inside and outside of your mouth and jaw area. Don’t worry, they will be wearing latex gloves during the process. 

This innovative celebrity favorite face treatment consists of deep myofascial release of the facial muscles and fascia to create a natural lift and provide symmetry to the face. Facial tapping and myofascial release promotes lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and leave behind a deep glow. By releasing contracted muscles and fascia this treatment can also help reduce wrinkles in the face that are caused by excess tension. Expect to leave with open and brighter eyes thanks to improved circulation. The appearance of a double chin may also be reduced once faulty posture is addressed. Some have also noted a straightened nose and an improvement in breathing thanks to the realignment of fascia in the face. Myofascial release and various stones are used to leave your face visually lifted with a youthful glow. When necessitated a buccal massage may be incorporate to minimize smile lines and facial taping with kinesiotape may be used to create additional lift.

This treatment is also helpful for those suffering from facial pain, headaches and jaw pain.

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